Hey all,

I've been meaning to write a simple debug tracking class for use in my own projects. So this week I finally did. I have no clue if anyone else would ever use it, or have any interest in looking at it, but I've set it up for people to download it if you have any interest. Regardless, I would love if people wanted to take a look at it and just give me general comments on the code.


What does it do?
It's just a simple tool for logging debug messages from within any other php development. Being a MacOS X user for developing and serving, I find that many of the nice tools, such as Zend's aren't available for real debugging. So I frequently am writing values out to screen for debugging. This tool separates them mostly from whatever you are working on and let's you classify them, and show/hide groups of them when browsing. I've set up a simple online demo, but since it really is for development it may be hard to understand without just trying it out in your own code.

I've been developing tools for installations on clients intranet servers lately too, to where I cannot see in, but they can see out. So I have written the tool to both log the debug info to a text file, as well as email the logfile to an address through the browser pop-up. Right now it only does html emails, but I am working on getting it setup to handle plain text and mixed mode as well.

It uses css, dhtml, and javascript for the display so likely requires gecko or MSIE 5 or higher. Also, if you are just interested in seeing php and javascript work together, it might be a good introduction for you, nothing complicated, I just use php to feed in some of the js variables.

Anyhow, drop me a line with any questions if you have them, or feature requests, I'd love to know if anyone else besides me would actually use this thing. :) Oh, and if it just completely screws up for you, let me know too. I'd call this a 0.9 beta version, so I'm sure it will find a way to surprise me.


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