IE traditionally puts cookies in a folder named Cookies.

Do a search for 'cookies' -- see what you come up with.

on 08/12/02 10:17 PM, Douglas Douglas ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

Hi all.
I'm sorry about the dumb question, but I've just
expend two hours trying to find the damn cookie and I
couldn't :(
I've read that when you use sessions and configure the
php.ini with session.use_cookies = 1, your sessions
will always send cookies to the client (if the client
accept the cookies)...
Is that right?
I ask because I'm reading my first tutorial about
sessions and it worked fine... but I can't find where
IE6 (Windows XP, Apache 1.3.27) stores those cookies I
used... I want to see the cookie's contents...
So I was wondering if PHP really sends the cookies,
but I also printed the $_SESSION and $_COOKIE arrays
and it displayed the correct information... in
think there is some cookie somewhere, my question is
where is it?
I'm so confused right now...
Thanks for any help. Sorry again.

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