Monday, December 9, 2002, 2:24:47 AM, you wrote:
SM> Im just about at wits end here Im trying to verify that a users ID and 
SM> Password exist in the MySQL Database and then if it does display certain 
SM> content and if it does not display login form content.

SM> ###At present here is the error I'm recieving:
SM> Warning: Missing argument 3 for verifylogin() in 
SM> /home/www/websitename/admin/include/adminclass.inc on line 78
SM> This stupid thing STILL Does NOT WORK!

SM> ####Here is my class FILE
SM> <?
SM> {
SM>     //class adminpage's attributes
SM> var $title = "75";
SM> var $content;
SM> var $buttons = array("[ admin ]" => "admin_root.php",
SM>                      "[ orders ]" => "orders_root.php",
SM>                      "[ customers ]" => "customers_root.php",
SM>                      "[ products ]" => "products_root.php",
SM>                      "[ categories ]" => "categories_root.php",
SM>                      "[ manufacturers ]" => "manufacturers_root.php",
SM>                      "[ vehicles ]" => "vehicles_root.php");
SM> var $count;

SM> function SetTitle($newTitle)
SM>     {
SM>     $this->title = $newTitle;
SM>     }

SM> function SetContent($newContent)
SM>     {
SM>     $this->content = $newContent;
SM>     }

SM> function SetButtons($newbuttons)
SM>     {
SM>     $this->buttons = $newbuttons;
SM>     }

SM> function Display($employeeid,$password,$title,$count)
SM>     {
SM>     session_start();
SM>     session_register("employeeid");
SM>     $this -> VerifyLogin($employeeid,$password);
SM>     switch($count)
SM>         {
SM>         case "1":
SM>         $this -> DisplayHeader($title,$employeeid);
SM>         echo "<center><br>";
SM>         $this -> DisplayMenu($this->buttons);
SM>         echo "</center><br>";
SM>         $this -> DisplayFooter();
SM>         break;
SM>         default:
SM>             echo "This stupid thing STILL Does NOT WORK!";
SM>         break;
SM>         }
SM>     }

SM> function DisplayHeader($title,$employeeid)
SM>     {

SM>         echo "<html>\n<head>\n<title>$title</title>";
SM>         echo "<link href='/aistyles.css' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>";
SM>         echo "</head>\n<body leftmargin='0' topmargin='0' marginwidth='0' 
marginheight='0' >>\n";
SM>         echo "<table width='100%'  border='0' cellspacing='0' 
SM>           echo "<tr>";
SM>            echo "<td bgcolor='#FF6600'> <div align='left'><img 
SM> src='/images/designelements/logo.gif' width='348' height='35'></div></td>";
SM>           echo "</tr>";
SM>          echo "<tr>";
SM>         echo "<td bgcolor='#000000'>";
SM>         echo "<table width='100%'  border='0' cellspacing='0' 
SM>         echo "<tr>";
SM>         echo "<td><img src='/images/designelements/spacer.gif' width='5' 
SM>         echo "<td><span class='admin_header'>ADMINISTRATOR LOGGED 
SM> IN:&nbsp;&nbsp;";
SM>         echo $employeeid;
SM>         echo "</span></div>";
SM>                           echo "</td>";
SM>                     echo "</tr>";
SM>                   echo "</table>";
SM>         echo "</td>";
SM>           echo "</tr>";
SM>     echo "</table>";
SM>     }

SM> function VerifyLogin($employeeid,$password,$count)
SM>     {
SM>     include('dbconnection.php');
SM>     $employeequery = "Select count(*) from employees where employeeid = 
SM> '$employeeid' and password='$password'";
SM>     $employeeresult = mysql_query($employeequery);
SM>     if(!$employeeresult)
SM>         {
SM>         echo 'Please Try Again Later.';
SM>         exit();
SM>         }
SM>     $count = mysql_result($employeeresult,0,0);
SM>     if($count>0)
SM>         {
SM>         $count = "1";
SM>         }
SM>         else
SM>             {
SM>             $count = "0";
SM>             }
SM>     }

SM> function DisplayMenu($buttons)
SM>     {
SM>     echo "<table width = \"500\" bgcolor=\"#000000\" cellpadding=\"1\" 
SM>         echo "<table width=\"100%\" bgcolor=\"#ff6600\" cellpadding=\"1\" 
SM>             echo"<div align=center><table width=\"100%\" bgcolor=\"#ffffff\" 
SM> cellpadding=\"5\" cellspacing=\"0\"><tr><td>";
SM>             $width = 100/count($buttons);
SM>                 while(list($name,$url) = each ($buttons))
SM>                 {
SM>                 $this ->DisplayButton($width,$name,$url);
SM>                 }
SM>             echo "</td></tr></table></div>";
SM>         echo "</td></tr></table>";
SM>     echo "</td></tr></table>";
SM>     }

SM> function DisplayButton($width,$name,$url)
SM>     {
SM>     echo "<td width =\"$width%\"><a href = \"$url\"><span class = 
SM>     }

SM> function DisplayFooter()
SM>     {
SM>     ?>
SM>     <table width="100%" height="100%"  border="0" cellpadding="0" 
SM>   <tr>
SM>     <td valign="top" bgcolor="#000000"><img src="/images/spacer.gif" 
SM> width="1" height="300"></td>
SM>   </tr>
SM> </table>
SM> </body></html>
SM>     <?
SM>     }
SM> }

SM> ####Here is sample page usage of class file

SM> <?
SM> require ("include/adminclass.inc");
SM> $test = new adminpage();
SM> $title = "This is a Nice Page";
SM> $content = "Some Temporary Content";
$test ->>SetContent($content);
$test ->>Display($employeeid,$password,$title,$count);


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Well it is telling you that

$this -> VerifyLogin($employeeid,$password);

Does not match your declaration of

function VerifyLogin($employeeid,$password,$count)

You are missing the count bit


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