I'm running the following code on two servers:

$stamp = 1039525200;
echo date('D, d M Y',$stamp);

On my local development box (Free BSD, PHP 4.1.1, on AUSTRALIAN time), the
above echo's "Wed, 11 Dec 2002" (I consider this to be the "correct date".

However on the live server (Red Hat, PHP 4.2.3, hosted in CANADA) the above
code echo's "Tue, 10 Dec 2002".

Now, what could be causing this problem?  IMHO, no matter where you are in
the world (or more to the point, what timezone you are in), 1039525200
seconds after a certain date (in this case the unix epoch) should be another
certain date, yes?

What could be causing this difference?  What should I talk to my host about,
or look for?


Justin French
Web Development & 
Graphic Design

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