> Hi,

> I am moving my site from one server to another, how can i copy all the data
> in my datbase to my new server? Also is it possibel to do this one table at
> a time?

Backup from command line:
       mysqldump -h <MYSQLHOST> -u <MYSQLUSER> -p <DATABASE> > backup.sql
       mysqldump -h <MYSQLHOST> -u <MYSQLUSER> -p <DATABASE> <TABLE 1>
       <TABLE 2> ... <TABLE N>> backup.sql
In backup.sql you get CREATE and INSERT syntax.

In new server you can execute:
   mysql -h <NEWMYSQLHOST> -u <MYSQLUSER> -p <DATABASE> < backup.sql

Of course in new server you must create DATABASE before.

Krzysztof Dziekiewicz

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