El lun, 09-12-2002 a las 16:39, Jon Haworth escribió:
> Hi Todd,
> > Is there a "report generator" that will give me the 
> > flexibility to use fonts and fontfaces that works with 
> > PHP and MySQL?
> I don't know of a PHP-based report generator (although a hunt round
> sourceforge might turn something up), but you can:
After are long, long, long search on the inet, I came to the conclusion
that there is no *decent* report generator for PHP. So I started to
write my own. You can find it at:


I recommend you to use the CVS version, basically is a powerful grid to
make easier the table management and after that, you can use the data
dictionary generated (field names, calculated fields, etc) to generate a
report both in HTML and PDF. It works for my and the company I work for,
I don't know if it will fit your needs, feel free to contact with me for
any question.

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