As announced last week, Metastorage is an application that generates customizable APIs made of classes that store and retrieve objects stored in persistent storage containers like for instance relational databases. The generated code uses Metabase API and consequently supports PEAR::MDB via Metabase API wrapper.

In addition to that, the current version is also capable of generating automatically Entity-Relationship graphs using UML to present diagrams of the generated classes.

The generated Entity-Relationship graphs are described in the DOT language format. This format is used by the Graphviz software package from AT&T research labs. The DOT file can be rendered in many common image formats using Graphviz tools to generate a graph image.

An example of an Entity-Relationship UML diagram generated by the program from a component example definition is included in the Metastorage documentation.

Here you may find the complete announcement with example graphics and the relevant links:



Manuel Lemos

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