*SOME* browsers set a referrer script name/url, and some don't, so you can't
rely on it.

The solution can be as simple as including the referring script as a GET
variable in the URL:

<a href="page.php?ref=anotherpage.php">click</a>

Or, by keeping track of that sorta stuff with sessions...

Whenever I *have to* know the URL of the preceding script, I take the
directory, script name and query string
eg dir/dir/page.php?var1=foo&var2=bah
and base64 encode it (so that the get vars don't register with / affect the
receiving script), and pass it to the next page:

$this_url = "dir/dir/page.php?var1=foo&var2=bah";
$this_url = base64_encode($this_url);
<a href="page.php?ref=<?=$this_url?>">click</a>

On page.php, I decode it all with base64_decode(), and I know exactly where
the user "came from".

Similar (or even smarter) stuff can be done with sessions.


on 11/12/02 1:20 AM, Rodrigo ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> Hi guys I need a way to know how to know from wich page the visitor
> came, something like:
> I wanna put in a php file a switch to do a certain action if the visitor
> came from a certain page, and something else if he came from a diferent
> one, this way I could write, update, insert, delete or anything I need
> from a single file.
> Thanks for any kind of input,
> Rodrigo

Justin French
Web Development & 
Graphic Design

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