Hello All,
      I have installed Apache/1.3.27, PHP 4.2.3 with
imap support on HP-UX. When I try to run the following
php code,  " imap_fetch_overview funcion"
which is used to fetch mail headers for the given
sequence doesn't return anything even if there are
mails in the remote mail box. But this function works
fine on Linux. 


$mbox =
    or die("can't connect: ".imap_last_error());

$overview = imap_fetch_overview($mbox,"2,4:6",0);

if(is_array($overview)) {
       while( list($key,$val) = each($overview)) {
               print     $val->msgno
               . " - " . $val->date
               . " - " . $val->subject
               . "\n";



Is it a Bug ?

Any HELP is appreciated.

Thanks in Advance

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