> You want the receiving page to be php that makes an xml page that is
> then pushed to be a processing page back to the user?
> I think some more detail might be needed...

No, sorry if I wasn't clear.  The processing page is a PHP script on the back 
end as well.  The XML data being pushed to it would include specification as
to what action(s) the processing page would take.  A crude example would be
something like the following.

User clicks on a link for "Current News".  The URL for which is:

controller.php would then push the following XML to process_news.php

(yes, I know it's not well formed.  just trying to show a quick example)
  <range_start>-7 days</range_start>
  <range_end>0 days</range_end>

process_news.php would take that information, process it and spit out the
relevant data to the user.

Another possibility would be when an administrator wants to add a new News
item.  The form script would push something like the following to 


and it would take that information, process it and add the new record to the

That's basically what I'm trying to do.


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