probably register_globals is off on the client's machine - use $_FILES[][]
instead of $HTTP_POST_FILES[][] BTW I would upgrade your local Linux box
from v.4.0.3 it is pretty old now and unsupported...

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Subject: [PHP] Help Need in PHP File Upload

I need to upload a file during form submittion, I had
done all the coding on my local Linux box It work fine
over here.
When i moved the code to my Client machine File upload
is not working  well.
Server side code first check where file upload is
successful by
method, if it is True it will copy it to the
destination folder.
 Once i hosted this code on my clients machine First
attempt will work successfully, it will copy the file
into the destnation folder. But when i tries to repeat
the form submission process, from second time onwards
  I am programmatically creating new folder each time
so there is no chance of over writing issues.
  Whe i checked the code more care fully, Function
returns False
 I am quite new to Linux env. Is it due to some sought
of permission issue? Or due to Version problem.
  I am using Php4.0.3 on my local Linux Box and 4.2.3
on Clients machine. I also tested this code on
window's Apache/php4.2.3 It works fine over windows .
 If anybody can point out the error will be a great
Help for me.. Thanks in advance


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