Hello everyone,

I need to get a recordset between two dates, and am having a little
trouble. I was wondering if someone could me make it more efficient.

The goal:
 Each record has a start_date and end_date field. I want to be able to
extract records that has the start_date and/or end_date, within the
specified date range.

What I have:

select * from table_name where start_date >='2002-10-01' and end_date
<='2002-12-10' ...

This works, but is somewhat inconsistent.

1) the query will exclude a record that has an end_date later then 12/10,
   but a start_date later then 10/01. *** I need it to include that***
2) The query also list records with a january 2003 end_date. i.e.
end_date=2003-01-15. Strange.

 I've read about the mysql BETWEEN and DATE DIFF function, but don't fully get it. I'm 
hoping that
someone can help clarifying it.

Is there a better way to do this? Am I missing something?
Please help.


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