Here's my question:

I'm running code that essentially checks for either a certain IP address or a password 
before it sends a cookie. However, when I try to send the cookie, I get the standard 
"Error - headers already sent" when I haven't output anything. After some spot 
debugging, I found that

if ( stristr($HTTP_SERVER_VARS["remote_address"],"XXX.YYY.ZZZ") ) { ...

essentially counts as a sent header. I imagine this has to do with the fact that 
stristr returns a TRUE or FALSE value, but not being an expert in programming 
concepts, I wouldn't know.

Anywho, if anyone knows a workaround for this or could explain the problem that lies 
within, it would be greatly appreciated.


Kyle Hale
Computer Guy
KANM Student Radio
Texas A&M University

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