> On Wednesday 11 December 2002 17:30, Steve Jackson wrote:
> > I'm trying to rename an uploaded file with the value of a select I 
> > have in the uploaded form. Can someone point me in the right 
> > direction. The PHP.net rename manual isn't helping a lot? My code:
> What is the problem?

I can't figure out how to upload the file with the name I need. The
rename function in the manual says 
  rename("/tmp/tmp_file.txt", "/home/user/login/docs/my_file.txt");

I want to rename the file copied to the server to the name of the select
value I sent in my previous post (held in the variable $category) so
basically How do I do that? Where do I do it in the upload script also?
You mention I should be able to do it in a single step, that would be
ideal but again how do I do it? Do I need to put the uploaded file in a
variable so I can rename the copied image?

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