> I am parsing a csv file with fgetcsv and the fields are surrounding by
> double quotes, now I am running into a problem periodically that when
> are quotes within the value it is treating it like another value instead
> the same value.
> Any ideas on how to get around that?
> I am thinking I might have to convert all quotes to " and then turn
> "," back into quotes and then the first " in the file and
> then last one since obviously they will not have a comma in between them.
> This seems like a while lot of work..
> Ideas?

The first idea is that the system that outputs a .CSV with quotes within a
quoted field is broken big-time and that's the part that needs fixing!

I'm on the same wavelength as you describe: you can't use any automated csv
function on such a file. Quotes <<should>> only appear in pairs. The closing
quote must therefore appear immediately prior to a field separator (eg
comma) - whitespace not withstanding, unless it is the last field on a line,
in which case it will appear immediately prior to a record separator.

One possibility is to write a 'filter' script to do this - and thus leave
your existing code intact. The filter could take in the file, explode on
quotes, and then cycle through the resultant array looking at the first
non-whitespace data in every second element, clean/recode where necessary,
and then implode and output.

Alternatively could join/unset consecutive array elements which have been
split inappropriately (by 'internal' quotes), and then implode using the
other style of quotes/another separator, if this can be made to work later
in the process...

What a palaver!

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