For any of you interested, I've created a set of scripts that let you run 
your own PHP Scripts Directory, like the /PHP/Scripts_and_Programs/ 
directory of HotScripts for example. I originally made this for my own 
site, but I decided to release it to the public instead =) It has all the 
usual features a site like this should have, which can be found on the 
page below, and also has a precompiled database of 3,375 scripts which can 
optionally be inserted.

If you do decide to set this script up, and plan to keep it running, let 
me know! I'd like to keep tabs on who's actively using the script. I'll be 
creating another script that lets people submit the scripts they've 
written to all the sites from one page. But don't email me here, I can't 
find replies to my messages here ;) Just use the Contact link on my site. 

~ Tim

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