>     I am working on a generic JavaScript form checked, that takes the
> names
> of the elements, with the first two letters being the type of element,
> its checks that it is right, if not gives a generic error message e.g.
> Need To Fill this in and selects it, or Sorry only numbers are allowed
> this box or Email addresses only, so reemail could mean a field which
> required and an email address. .
>    JavaScript as long as you have a link to the object of the form,
> the elements in an array. Is there a way to do this in PHP? Have a
> with
> the action something like
>     register.php?action=updatemembers with members being a table name.
> elements would be checked like JavaScripts checks them. Ok I would
need to
> then set the order and manually do the call to the database, but it
> be
> nice not to have to do the manuual checks on the elements.
>     So a function to check all the elements in a form in PHP would be
> nice,
> then if it fails it would return an array with the wrong fields, and
> error, this could then be used to make a page where they correct there
> mistakes.

I don't really understand what your question is, but I wouldn't
recommend this method. What's to stop me from downloading your form,
editing the name of the form elements and having you correctly validate
some text when you normally think it's going to be a number? It all
depends on how you implement your form, but it can be easily exploited
if you don't know what you're doing. 

---John W. Holmes...

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