> Okay, I need to retrieve the output of a php file with variables being
> passed to it.  Example:
> $calendar_file = "make_calendar.php3?month=$month&year=$year";
> $fp = $fp = fopen("$calendar_file", "r");
> while (!feof ($fp)) {
>       $buffer = fgets($fp, 4096);
>       $calendar_html .= $buffer;
> }
> fclose($fp);
> It gives me an error that the file doesn't exist, but it does.  Any
> suggestions?

No, it doesn't exist. You have a file make_calendar.php3 on your system,
not what you've listed above. If you want to do it like that, fopen() it
with a full address:


Hopefully the email doesn't mangle that link...

---John W. Holmes...

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