That didn't do it either. I should have been more specific. I can display
correct results in a HTML table. I have a Edit (A href) link to edit the
current record. ie...


include('../db/junction.php'); //DB Connection - MSSQL 2000
$sql = "SELECT, tblseacust.ARC_NAME,cust, type\n";
$sql .= "FROM tblcustomer\n";
$sql .= "LEFT JOIN tblseacust ON\n";

$rst = mssql_query($sql);
while($row = mssql_fetch_array($rst)) {
echo "<tr>\n";
echo "<td align=center>\n";
echo "<font face=\"Arial\" size=2>";
echo "<a
mg alt=\"Edit\" src=\"images/edit.gif\" height=\"24\" width=\"24\"
border=\"0\" /></a>";
echo "</td>\n";

Rendered results of <a href...> = T/T #29&type=OEM

id is the record id
class is Null so that's OK.
cust=company T/T #29

I present the info in a form...

echo "<td>\n";
echo "<input type=\"text\" name=\"cust\" value=\"$cust\">\n";
echo "</td>\n";

This gives me:
|company T/T             |
*Note lack of #29 which I do see in the HTML table. If I save (UPDATE WHERE
id=$id) this record cust will now be company T/T

All the other fields fill in correctly. Is it seeing the # as a comment?

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Why don't you just try:

$cust2 = str_replace('#','&#35;',$cust);

That should replace all instances of # with it's html entity equivalent.  If
that doesnąt work then there is something else wrong with your script and
we'll need to see it all! :)


"People who drink to drown their sorrow should be told that sorrow knows how
to swim." - Ann Landers

> I have a string I'm returning from a database. Some entries have # signs
> in the names ie (COMPANY #42, COMPANY #43...). When I display results
> all I have is COMPANY. Everything after the # is dropped off. I tried:
> If ($cust) {
> $cust2=ereg_replace('#','no',$cust);
> //tried $cust2=ereg_replace("#","no",$cust); too
> }
> but that still returns the same thing (COMPANY).
> Also tried:
> $cust2 = preg_replace ("'&(pound|#163);'i", chr(163), $cust);
> Any help is appreciated.
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