Hi list :

This is maybe a silly question from deamweaver users, i hope you people
understand what i mean.

im working on a site php, smarty,css , etc. the directory structure of
the site is this:

- classes
        - Files of the smarty class 
- Templates (Directory)
        - template1.html
        - template2.html
        - template3.html
          - dw_template.dwt

script1.php, script2.php, and script3.php look like this

Require "/path/to/smarty/smartyfile.class.php";
$page = new Smarty;
// some stuff

Im working dreamweaver Templates system so every templateN.html are
attached to dw_template.dwt, dw_template.dwt calls the style sheet like

<link rel="stylesheet" href="../style.css" type="text/css">

Of course all the templatesN.html call the style shett the same way. No
problem here. But ... since scriptsN.php need the TemplatesN.html ...
(maybe im wrong with this) the browser doesnt know that
Templates/TemplatesN.html exist, the browser calls 


So the browser shouldnt find the style sheet because TemplatesN.html
call ../style.css and ../style.css doesnt exists relative to
http://site/scriptN.php , and for my surprise the output result DOES
apply the style sheet ... Am i wrong with this ??? Or what should i know
about all this ??

Thanks for reading this long and silly question.


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