On Thursday 12 December 2002 18:48, Steve Jackson wrote:
> It doesn't work in that it doesn't update the database.
> I have a form which when loaded takes a variable ItemCode from the
> previous page (which gets the Itemcode from the DB) and puts it into a
> hidden field which I call oldItemCode, then when I try to update the
> $ItemCode row in the database with the edited changes using the
> oldItemCode as an identifier it won't update - It goes to my error
> message shown below. So what I'm asking is there anything I'm doing
> wrong. I noted your points about the comma and have changed the code.
> <?
>     $query = "update products
>              set ItemCode='$ItemCode',
>              ItemName ='$ItemName',
>              catid ='$catid',
>                        price = '$price',
>              description = '$description',
>                        shortdesc = '$shortdesc',
>              where ItemCode='$oldItemCode'";
>       $result = mysql_query($query);

You've got an extra comma after '$shortdesc' which you should remove.

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