I must be a suspicious character, but I haven't come across Expert Rating
before, nor do I know what Pete's connection with Expert Rating is, so I
went and looked at the PHP web site (where we are led to believe that we
would expect to find "a lot of excitement") but a site-wide search fails to
yield a single hit. Ok I'll go straight to the horse's mouth and look at
their own web site, where I get to thinking about a certification body in
the UK (based in Bristol) that has its prices set in USD.

Question: who has achieved this distinction and how many employers have
commented that the Expert Rating evaluation was the MAJOR selling point?


> Good news for the PHP developer community-
> <a href="http://www.expertrating.com";>ExpertRating</a>, the global
> skills assessment provider has launched an online PHP Certification
> exam. Candidates who pass the exam will be mailed a hardcopy certificate
> of
> accomplishment. The launch of this exam has generated a lot of excitement
> in the PHP developer community.

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