The better strategy would be to generate a new random password and assign that as the password. MySQL's password function is one-way, meaning you can encrypt it, but not decrypt it. The way you test it is by taking what the user has entered, along with the salt, and encrypting that and seeing if it matches the stored, encrypted password. There is no way to decrypt it without brute forcing it.

So just assign a new password and mail it to the user. Hope this helps.

--Joseph Guhlin
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empty wrote:

Hi all;

do you know how to decrypt password('xxx'); value?

For example

I have a function that mails password to user's mail address

result is here;

User Name: xjunky
Password :1ef781ad7c4b0dc2

I've inserted the password as password('$passw');

and selected as belove

function notify_password($username,$email){
if (!($conn = db_connect())) return false;
$result = mysql_query("select email,pass from site_members where User_Name='$username' and email='$email'");
$email = mysql_result($result, 0, "email");
$password=mysql_result($result, 0, "pass");
$from = "From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] \r\n";
$mesg = "User Name: $username\r\n"
."Password : $password \r\n"
if (mail($email, "Password Information", $mesg, $from)){
return true;
return false;


how to send the true value of th password?

thanks everybody who cares with it.

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