Check out the php.ini configuration file, or read about it at the website.  I do
believe there is an option there where you can declare what your script
delimeter is.   Most notable an option called "Short open tag"

Paul Keenan wrote:

> All of our pages which were previously running on a PSA 2.5 server which
> were done in php used the syntax <? echo "hello world"; ?>. In PSA 5 (or the
> different install of PHP) you must use the proper <?php "hello world"; ?>
> syntax.
> We are now on PHP Version 4.1.2
> Our server crashed and we have installed newer software, now most of the PHP
> does not work because of the above difference in coding.
> Is there any easy way of allowing the old code to run without having to
> rewrite thousands of lines of code???
> Or any suggestions would be appreciated
> Thanks in advance
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