Hi all,
    I was wondering if anyone could direct me to some good tutorials on how
to utilize PHP to access a MySQL database behind SSL.  I have been searching
PHPBuilder.com, PHPClasses.org, and hotscripts.com, and I can't seem to find
any good tutorials for a beginner when it comes to SSL.  I do have a fairly
good working knowledge of PHP and MySQL so I'm not necessarily looking for a
guide on that, I just need to know how to pass encrypted data back and
forth.  Here is the scenario:

My client has a website in which a customer will be purchasing gift
certificates online.  They don't need a comprehensive e-commerce package,
just simple information passed across a secure connection, such as: user
names, passwords, credit cards and mailing addresses.  We already have a
MySQL db set up with the gift certificate "package" information.  I just
need to be able to store the customer information for retrieval later by the
owners of the site.

Joshua Minnie
Independent Web Consultant / Developer
Wild Web Technology

Server Information:
 + PHP v. 4.2.3
 + Apache 1.3.26
 + MySQL 3.23.53

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