Nofa, sorry, forgot to say Redhat Linux. What you mentioned seems pretty
easy, actually. I'll give a try and keep my fingers crossed.



> From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Nofa)
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> Date: Sat, 14 Dec 2002 20:13:20 +1300
> Subject: Re: Upgrading GD to 2.1
> what "linux" are you running? Redhat? Mandrake? ifso it should just be a
> matter of downloading the appropriate packages and doing a 'rpm -U
> <gd-version.rpm>' as root. ( if redhat/mandrake/some other rpm managed
> dist )
>> I've got GD 1.6 installed with PHP 4.2.2 on a Linux server. Is upgrading
> to
>> GD 2.1 tricky? I'm very new to Linux and have no clue where to start or
> how
>> to do it. My server is remote, so, I access it using Webmin.
>> I've look for instructions on how to do this online, but, nothing specific
>> enough for a Linux novice like me. Does anyone know of a good place to
> find
>> out how to do this? I'm all Goggled out.
>> Thanks!
>> Monty

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