1. they can export the CSV as DOS/Windows from Excel on the Mac with ease

2. they can pipe the CSV thru any text editor that lets them choose between
mac/win/unix line endings (BBEdit/Lite for example)

3. $filecontents = str_replace('\r', '\n', $filecontents); //should work

on 13/12/02 1:22 PM, Sterling Anderson ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> I am working on an application for a school district and am having some
> problems with the files they are supplying for import.
> They are supplying data files and I am writing routines to populate the
> database using these files. Its a simple file upload then I just need to
> parse through the tab separated value file. I am using the most recent
> PHP build on Windows with IIS ISAPI and a MSSQL database. They are
> sending text files from a Macintosh application.
> I noticed on the documentation for fgetcsv() that it cannot read the end
> of line character on Mac files. I have not been able to find a good work
> around for this issue. When I grab the entire contents of the file then
> try doing a string replacement on the "\r" or even "\t" for that matter
> it does not work.
> Has anyone found a good solution for dealing with Mac files?

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