Todd Cary wrote:

I am new to Linux, so the syntax is still quite foreign for setting up compiles. Here is what I need to do:

Compile PHP with MySQL, Interbase, and the GD library and then compile Apache so that it has the newly compiled PHP integrated. Can someone refer me to some
The INSTALL file that comes with the PHP source is quite good, have you looked at that? Or maybe you do not feel it is enough for your needs?

What Linux are you using? Do you need a particular version of PHP or Apache? Most linux distributions come with both. If you did an "install everything" then you probably already have it. I don't know Interbase, you may need to install some Interbase files to support that. If you feel you need to recompile, then you need the sources not just the binaries installed on your computer.

If you have Apache already compiled with mod_so (most seem to) and you are happy to have PHP as a DSO (OK for many situations), then you would not need to recompile Apache.


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