You should be able to use strtotime() to transform the datetime string
into a UNIX timestamp, which you can then format back using date().
However, this is a very circuitous way--either use SQL to format it or,
if your DBMS supports it, have it returned already as a UNIX timestamp.
The actual SQL commands depend on which DBMS you actually use.

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Hey there,

I was just looking at the date/time functions
( and I can't seem to find a
function that can format a date that is supplied in the format of a DATETIME

So, I was wondering, is there a function that can format it properly or
should I let the database handle the formatting (I'm really new to SQL, I
didn't come across anything to mod in the select statement yet). I could
ofcourse split it on space for a time and a date var and then split the date
on -'s for years, months and days but efficient is something else I think
:-) In the archives I saw some examples doing exactly that, but nothing with
a single function (unless home defined ofcourse).

Kind regards and TIA

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