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This is the type of question that is best asked on the php-db list. 

> I'm adding information with the INSERT command to 2 tables.  In the
> first table, called "courses", I have a field called "course_id" that is
> an auto-increment - assigned by the table.  In the second table, called
> "par", I have a field also called "course_id".   I need to assign to
> this field the value that is assigned for "course_id" in the "courses"
> table.  The problem is, I don't know what it is going to assign, and I
> can't get the variable with a query such as "SELECT * FROM counties
> WHERE course_id = ##" because I don't know what number is going to be
> assigned as the course_id.  Basically, I need to store the that
> course_id value of the course I just added in a a variable, and I don't
> know how to retrieve that variable.

If you're using MySQL you can use mysql_insert_id(). If you're using some 
other DBMS then have a look at the manual to see whether there is a similar 

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