I am using PHP and MySql and wanted to know if it possible to pass the value
inserted in a text box back to the page using PHP_SELF. Bellow is the
snipped of code. The part that is not working is &q=input. Any ideas?


while($query_data = mysql_fetch_array($result)) {

$id = $query_data ["q_id"];

$q = $query_data ["question"];

$a = $query_data ["answer"];

echo "<TR>\n";

echo "<TD WIDTH=\"5%\" ALIGN=\"CENTER\">$id</TD>\n";

echo "<TD WIDTH=\"70%\" ALIGN=\"CENTER\">$q</TD>\n";

echo "<TD WIDTH=\"15%\" ALIGN=\"CENTER\"><input type=\"text\"
name=\"textfield\" value=$a></TD>\n";

echo "<TD WIDTH=\"10%\" ALIGN=\"CENTER\">

<form name=\"update\" method=\"post\"

<input type=\"submit\" name=\"input\" value=\"Update\">

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