can you post some more of your code? I think, if it's not too big, the
entire while loops


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Am just a newbie at this and was going great until I have hit this smell

I am connecting to mysql and all works well there. I query a table
"Illustrations" ($query = "SELECT * FROM Illustrations";), and want to
print the values of two columns ("titletext" & "img")within each row as
the request loops.

Print "<td><tr>$row[titletext]<br></td></tr>";
Print "<td><tr>$row[img]<br></td></tr>";

The code inplace seems all ok, but for some reason I am only being
returned the value of "titletext" and not also the value of "img". Am I
to be setting a new value for returning the info within "img"?? (eg

I am sorry if this is hard to understand and also a silly Q, I am two
days into learning this stuff. All I want to do is to return these two
values from within the table. "titletext" and "img". They are both text



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