Hi, all --

I am starting a project that will have a web front end and mysql back end
and handle staff input (eg not general web surfers, though an Internet face
may come about one day)and updating for client records and scheduling.  I
am comfortable with both perl and php (and expect to be much more so with
at least one of them by the project's maturity :-)

In general, is there a checklist of when to use perl and when to use php
in a web site design?  Perhaps a comparison of the two languages, like I
think I've seen long ago for C, Pascal, assembler, perl, and python?

I read both lists (as I'm able, anyway; Hi perl guys!) and so you can
reply to either or both of the lists or just to me as you see fit.  I'll
be happy to post a summary of any answers or directions I get.


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