Miguel González Castaños wrote:

I am testing the php mail function with the typical script

$mailsuccess = mail(...);
if (!$mailsuccess) {
echo "Mail could not be sent";

In one redhat linux box I got that the email was sent succesfully and in
the other
box, it cant send it, but the script is executed (no parse errors).

I have sendmail 8.11-2 and php 4.1.2.

As i have said in my other email, I have checked if I have set properly the
privileges to execute sendmail and set the smtp and sendmail_path variables
in the php.ini.

Do you know how I could figure out what is going on? Any way of debugging
or testing?

What does the mail log say? Its usually /var/log/maillog. You say that the email is not sent, but what error message do you get? I think we need to know a little more about the error.


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