On Monday 16 December 2002 22:47, Edward Peloke wrote:
> Is there anything special you have to do to send a link in an e-mail with
> the mail function?
> I used the mail function this weekend and set the mail contents like this:
> $mailcontents="Thank you for registering with us /n"
>               ."http://www.oursite.com";;
> But in the actual e-mail sent, the link was plain text,not a link.  Can I
> force it to be a link?

If you're sending an HTML email then you have to write the links yourself ("<a 
href="..." blah). If you're sending plain-text email then you cannot specify 
links. Text inside your plain-text email which looks like a valid URL _may_ 
be presented as a link by the __recipient's mail client__. To give the mail 
client a big clue stick you should use the full URL, ie 
http://www.example.com rather than just www.example.com.

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