Hello All!

I have a script which inserts a users info into mysql via PHP.

Here is the code which does so:

$sql = ("INSERT INTO `business` (`id`, `bt_id`, `bus_name`, `bcity`, `phone`,
`cell`, `email`, `url`, `details`, `duration`, `s_id`, `license`, `datime`,
        ('', '$bus_type_id', '$bus_name', '$city_id', '$phone', '$cell',
'$email', '$url', '$details', '$duration', '$state_id', '$license',
'$date','$comments', '$REMOTE_ADDR', '$user_id', password('$userpass2'))");

and it sends a mail to me, however crude:

100% ASAP Plumbing and Rooter Specialist, City ID: 2647
 1-866-FIX- GUARD,

 Array  (this is supposed to be a url)

PlumberASAP.com Specializing in Drains, Faucets, Filters, Repairs, Sprinkers,
Installations, Water Heaters, Disposals, Copper Plumbing, Leak Detection. Fast,
Clean and Courteous Service Danny McGowan Owner/Operator
12 months,

I can't duplicate the problem.

Any idea what is happening here?


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