I have just setup my localmachine to see how our site runs on php 4.2.
It currently runs on 4.1 on the server. I am only fairly new to this so
I have come across a slight hurdle.

At first logging in as a user to the database was giving "undefined
variable" error. Have read up on this and fixed it by turning on
register_globals. So that's sweet. Although my other form page is for
joining up, which sends variables to another page and then in turn sends
the info to the database. The info that the user fills out gets passed
ok cept  I get two errors output to the page.

//////////filled out info and clicked send.

Notice: Undefined index: license in c:\inetpub\wwwroot\php\config.php on
line 51

Notice: Undefined property: num_rows in
c:\inetpub\wwwroot\php\adcjoin.php on line 67


////This is my action on the submit page

<FORM action="php/adcjoin.php" method=post>


////////////////////////////////The undefined property is in the

$db->query("SELECT Username FROM global WHERE

        if ($db->num_rows>0){

                array_push($error,"Choose another <b>username</b>, this
name is reserved<br>\n");

                $flag = 1;


///////////////////////attatched to adcjoin.php


Config file called on by connect.php contains a license variable.

I Am not quite sure why it is outputting these two errors. I have not
changed anything from downloading it off the server....apart from
targeting the database on my local machine now. Is it possibly a session

If anybody has any thoughts please pass them on.

Cheers Bruce

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