Please help!  I am a beginner of php, I got an error from my own webpage:

Notice: Undefined variable: Array in C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\php\HandleForm.php
on line 23
Please enter a valid Web address!

Below is my code:

function WriteToFile ($URL, $Description) {
 /* Function WriteToFile takes two arguments--URL and Description--Which
will be written to an external file. */
  $TheFile = "C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\php\data.txt";
  $Open = fopen ($TheFile, "a");
  if ($Open) {
   fwrite ($Open,"$URL\t$Description\n");
   fclose ($Open);
   $Worked = TRUE;
 } else {
   $Worked = FALSE;
 return $Worked;
}// End of WriteToFile Function.
<TITLE>Using Files</Title>
/* This page receives and handles the data generated by "form.html". */
$Pattern = "(http://)?([^[:space:]]+)([[:alnum:]\.,-_?/&=])";
if (eregi($Pattern, $Array["URL"])) {
<---------------------------------------------------------That is line 23
 $Replace = "<a href=\"http://\\2\\3\"target=\"_new\";>\\2\\3</a>";
 $Array["URL"] = eregi_replace($Pattern, $Replace, $Array["URL"]);
 $CallFunction = WriteToFile ($Array["URL"], $Array["Description"]);
 if ($CallFunction) {
  print("Your submision--$Array[URL]--has been received!<BR>\n");
 } else {
   print ("Your submission was not processed due to a system error!<BR>\n");
 } else {
   print ("Please enter a valid Web address!\n");

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