Sorry for the newbie question.
I am an artist and entering my pieces into a database....basically all
that will be displaying will be

Date Created:
and an image (.gif, .jpg, .swf)

I want to know what is the best way to call a specific image type.???
Should I give each image file extension a column |.gif | .jpg | .swf |
and set that all these columns to only display when asked??

So for an example case. I have a piece of artwork Called Cheetah.

Title: Cheetah
Medium: Water Color
Date Created: 1998

How do I set up my table so when I add this piece to my databse I can
select .jpeg extension to to speak, and leave gif and swf

My image source might be (i know the coding will be wrong) <img
src="images/?title? . ?ext?"> (cheetah.jpg).


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