hi, i'm running into some weird behavior with php references.  i
distilled it down to some test code below:


$array  =  array( 'name' => 'dean' );

$var1['arrayref']  =  & $array;

$var2  =  $var1;

echo "var1:\n";
print_r( $var1 );

echo "var2:\n";
print_r( $var2 );

$var1['arrayref']  =  NULL;

echo "var1:\n";
print_r( $var1 );

echo "var2:\n";
print_r( $var2 );


it seems that setting a hash key to a reference to something, and then
repointing that key to NULL, apparently sets the original 'something' to
NULL instead of just 'repointing' the hash key!  am i missing something
obvious here, or is this behavior not what you'd normally expect?  i
wrote similar code in perl, and it behaved as i expected: the second
hash still pointed to the original target (i am almost certain c/c++ and
java also behave this way).  so what is going on with php?  does anyone
know how to get it to do what i want it to do --  i.e., merely unset the
key mapping of one of the hashes, leaving the other hash still pointing
at the target?  thansk for any insight you might be able to give!


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