On Tuesday 17 December 2002 18:38, Jay Thayer wrote:
> 1. Any reason that I can not pass the variable to the submit page?  I am

Try $_REQUEST['Test'] and look in the manual, the archives or a PHP-FAQ for 

> 2. If I have a <select name="testmultiple" multiple> HTML tag, how can I
> reference the x# of variables that are selected in that form value in the
> submittest page?  I would want to get every option that is selected in the
> page.

set the name to testmultiple[] then You get an array.

<select name="testmultiple[]" multiple>


> 3. Is there a variable so that I can see everything that is passed from the
> form, some debug variable I could "print()" to see everything that was
> passed from the form?



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