1LT John W. Holmes wrote:

Hopefully the other solution worked for how to parse the data. If not, post
back. What I wanted to comment on is why would you use two tables, one for
SHIP_TO and one for BILL_TO? Why not just add a column to one table set set
it to BILL or SHIP. You won't be repeating data that way and it'll be easier
to find things overall. Plus you can just have a column that flags whether
the SHIP_TO and BILL_TO addresses are the same.

I haven't gotten that far yet. BILL_TO and SHIP_TO aren't always the same people, hence my initial thought of creating two tables and keep things separate. However, you're right, I could dump it all into one table - if they're different, then populate the rest of the fields, if not, don't bother.

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