Jon, thanx for the fast response, but the problem is that the link is
made dynamically from a DB and the varvalue changes on every link... if
it helps, I make this link list with a FOR loop in PHP and the varvalues
I want to pass are the IDs of a table elements.

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Hi Cesar,

> I want one of my links to open a brand-new 
> pre defined window using a javascript 
> but I don't know how to pass a variable so 
> the opened PHP file knows which info to get 
> from MySQL... 

In your launchinfopage() function, presumably you're specifying the url
the page ("foo.php" or something)?

If so, just tack the variables on the end of the url as normal:


And then, in foo.php, look in the $_GET array:

  echo "varname is ". $_GET['varvalue'];

I do this quite a lot, I can go and dig up the code if you're still


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