It's not allowed to put spaces into an url it has to be replaced by a + or %20 however apache will fix this
IIS will however not

You could make a header script that looks at $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] and fix the vars



At 14:19 18-12-02 +0100, you wrote:
Thanks for the information.
I know the urlencode function.
But my PHP application is done already (developed on the linux based PHP)
and it would be very hard to edit the source code again. So the urlencode
function is only a workaround.

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At 13:19 18-12-02 +0100, Michael A. Norweh wrote:
>I've installed the newest version of PHP on an ISS 5.0 based System.
>The problem I have at the moment:
>If post a variable (URL Query) e.g.: "xxx.php?errormsg=error message" to a
>site, php is unable to get these variable. On my linux server the space is
>interpreted as "%20" in the correct way.
>On IIS the variable data is cutted after "error".
>I think i ve set any wrong parameter in the php.ini file or in the IIS
>webserver settings.

in your script do:  <a href="xxx.php?errormsg=<?=urlencode($errormsg)?>">

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