Robert Nedbal wrote:

Are you implying that it used to work on another computer, or before an
upgrade? If so, can you compare the php.ini files? Otherwise maybe its a
bug (php with Apache2 I don't think is stable yet).


Yes exactly, it's working on our production server (apache 1.x, php-4.0.6).
On our test server it's _not_ working (apache 2.0.40, php-4.2.2).

I think I'd check the release notes for 4.2.2 first to see if there is any change to account for this.

/etc/php.ini file is identical on both systems.

Just being careful (as you compiled from source), does phpinfo() on both systems show php.ini located in /etc?

So should I try to use apache 1.x instead of apache2?

Pass on that, I have no experience of Apache 2, but I do not think it is intended for production yet. Looking at phpinfo() on my computer here (GNU/Linux RedHat 7.3 PHP 4.1.2 and Apache 1.3.23) in the "PHP Variables" at the bottom shows "_SERVER["PATH_TRANSLATED"} as having the value "/var/www/html/phpinfo.php", which is correct. If you do not get a value by looking at phpinfo() then I suggest there must be some sort of bug. You could try searching the bug list, otherwise maybe going back to Apache 1.3.x is a good idea.

Hope this helps.


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