Well, read up on fwrite() to actually write the page.  I would have the 1st page
form submit to itslef, process/create the new static page and then to a re-direct
to the new page.  There are tutorials for image uploading, and the other stuff
would just be writting form vairables to a static file with fwrite() and some of
your HTML formatting.  Is there anything else specific?  If So, post it.
Good Luck


> Still a php newbie here....
> I am creating a website set on an intranet server.  I have to create two pages
> that consists of the following actions and I'd like to know if its possible to
> do with php if so, how? The first page, information page,  would
> somewhat look like a forum page to enter information. Ultimately, this page
> would create the second page, an automated web page with this information to
> save on the server. It would grab the title of the page when it is typed into
> the information box on the information page and give it the name of the file
> it creates. Ex. Title = Texture 4.0 File Name = texture40.html or .php
> doesn't matter.
> Information Page:
> -I'd have four text space areas for the page title, directory path information
> on where the file i am uploading is placed, information on where a .txt file
> is located on the intranet server and a description of the file that has been
> uploaded to the server along with a "Submit" button.
> -Once the user submits this information, it should create a webpage(automated
> web page) with the information added in from the information page.
> I hope I explained that well...I am also searching other options but I have
> liked the php pages I've created thusfar and I am not a great programmer so
> please go easy on the kid. :) lol
> Krystal
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