>Guys? The support guy says that my php-script brings his php interpreter to
>crash. I am astonished (wow-what a powerful man I am :) ) - no, but really,
>it doesn't crash MY server? He also said, it happens just right after the
>file is being asked for, that is, as I suspect, somewhere in the first lines
>of my php code.


>I run 4.2.0, he runs 4.0.5 . Both Safe-mode "on", both, as I suspect, on
>Windows, mySQL as well.

you suspect he is on winodws or know he is? (No experience with the windows
platform and PHP myself)

>What could in these first lines of the code, which follows, bring his
>machine to death? Please, someone - it's so urgent, really...
is there a space above this line?  For perl etc cgi scripts, having a space
above the hash causes this error...  might be something to check especially when
you are expecting to set cookie, session and other header related stuff, maybe
he is running as a CGI or something and causing this.

Barring that, try eliminating/commenting out chunks of code until you get the
page to at least load in some state, then start putting back untlil you narrow
down where the problem is.  Perhaps increase your error reporting...  stabbing


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