while(fetch_rows) {
  printf("<TD>%s</TD>, ID);
  if($idx%7=0) {echo('</TR><TR>'}

"Bruce Levick" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
Hi php'ers,
I have learnt alot in the last week in regards to php and listing the
rows of a table set.

I need help with a small challenge. I can retrieve rows from a database
table and list the results in HTML <tr> cell successfully. My challenge
is this.

I want to list the I.D (auto increment id number) of a data base table
in html to display 7 columns accross and then drop down to the next row
and another 7 columns accross.

So the result would list numbers .1-7 then drop down and list 8-14
underneath and so in until the end of the results.

Is this at all possible?? Difficult??

Is there a project or a tutorial with an example I can draw from.??


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