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> Hello Everyone,
> I'm using a test server on Windows XP. I have the following function (which
> I got from the comment notes on php.net) that works wonders when deleting
> directories that are not empty on a Windows system.


> But, I'm a bit
> confused. I searched for the delete() function on php.net and it said that
> delete() was not a real function, but a dummy manual entry for those who
> are actually looking for the unlink() function. 

delete() is a dummy entry in the manual so people looking for said function 
will be directed to unlink() which is the correct function to use.

> So then why does the
> delete() function work in my script? 

delete() is undefined in php, that is why you can define your own function 
called delete().

> I tried using the unlink() function in
> place of the delete() function, but unlink() gave me many errors (possibly
> because of permissions).

unlink() can only remove/delete directories that are empty.

> Is there an error in the manual or is it just me?

There's no error in the manual (with regards to this subject). Probably a 
misunderstanding on your part.

> Is there a difference in the two functions? Does the delete() function not
> care about permissions as opposed to the unlink() function? This is really
> bugging me. Can someone clear the air?

The delete() function as defined below is recursive and will automatically go 
inside non-empty directories and empty them first.

> $c_dir = "$DOCUMENT_ROOT/world/admin/backup2";  // current directory
> function delete($dir) {
>  if (file_exists($dir)) {
>     umask(0);
>     chmod($dir,0777);
>    if (is_dir($dir)) {
>      $handle = opendir($dir);
>      while($dirname = readdir($handle)) {
>        if ($dirname != "." && $dirname != "..") {
>         delete($dir."/".$dirname);
>        }
>      }
>     closedir($handle);
>      rmdir($dir);
>    } else {
>     unlink($dir);
>    }
>  }
> }
> delete ($c_dir);

To summarise -- there is no delete() function in php, the delete() function 
you're using is a user-defined function and as such will do whatever you can 
make it do.

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