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"Thomas Goeminne" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I got a tab delimited file which looks like this:
> let us call it items.txt
> Type    Catalog Number    Item Description    Side B    Producer
> 12     AAA502     Afu Ra-D&D Soundclash Mic Stance, Premeir,Curt Cazall
> 12     AC725     Roc Raida/Wayne-O - Gong     Show Burn That Ass     Roc
> Raida
> I want to take all this info and insert it into my mysql dbase. The type
> in a table named categories. The rest should go into the table named
> With also the id number off the categorie in it.
> I have been looking for info on how to do this but I can't find a decent
> article about it. First off I dump all the records which were already in
> dbase. And then it needs to get filled up with the new items.txt
> I would appreciate your help
> greets
> --
> Thomas Goeminne

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